Saturday, 2 March 2013

Green Card Blues

Canadians were in an especially exultant mood this past week, having constricted yet again the boundaries of acceptable speech across their envied dominion. First they got it form the horse's arse, aka the Supreme Fart in the Face of Justice, that state ganging on "haters" is completely justifiable and 100% Charter friendly as long as it is justifiable. No, that is not a halo above Chief Justice McLachlin's sheep-skinned crown; it's the circular logic of a second rate brain trying to push the square peg of compulsion into round hole of conscience. Screw you, Beverly!  
Next, the entire country indulged in one of those periodic episodes of shock and outrage, so good for the collective soul of dullards, after an academic had the temerity to suggest that kiddie porn readers, being victimless criminals, didn't belong in jail with murderers and thieves. The prof subsequently lost his media affiliations, university appointment and countless scandalized "friends." Novel and provocative points of view were once the protected province of any academic worth his salt, but Mr. Flanagan has learned too late a bitter Canadian reality: publish and perish. My advice to Tom: go south young man! Let these Canuck clunkers get a taste of their own censure when it's become a commonplace among universities that in politically correct Canada the motto is, Thinking Strictly Prohibited. 
Oh, for a green card my eternal soul I'd sell,
Cause I'm already living in True North hell.

But wait a minute!  The Yanks have put some poor fool in jail for possessing contraband manga, for reading fiction godsakes! What's next on the agenda, tapping into our brains for contraband dreams? 

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