Friday, 31 May 2013

What's more contemptible: Islam or Britain? Islam began in a cave, Britain is heading for the caves. Islam bows to the Prophet, Britain bows to the profit (from immigration). Islam hates the infidel, Britain hates the individual. Islam lies to the world, Britain lies to itself. Islam is out for blood, Britain is bloodless. Islam is terror, Britain is terrified. Islam abhors the dog, Britain is going to the dogs. Islam commits mass murder, Britain commits mass suicide. Islam is hell, Britain is going to hell. Islam never laughs, Britain's a joke.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

re:coil (for logoholics only)

Was Shakespeare's famous reference to our "mortal coil" strictly of the first meaning, or was Hamlet indulging in another example of Bardic ambiguity? The inference of date and (unknown) origin seems to militate against such a twofold reading. In other words, the "trouble and confusion" sense of the word ascribed to the passage in the play predates its now more familiar meaning of "spiral looping" by fifty years or so. But the play itself was written only a decade or so before the first recorded use of the physical term. Mightn't Hamlet, then, anachronistically aware of the convoluted connotations creeping into the term around the time of the play's composition, be in fact entwining the two meanings, psychical and physical, evoking, as it were, mortality's mythical roots, when a serpent first coiled around the forbidden tree to all of mankind's SINuous undoing?  (posted at Merriam Webster

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Mother's Days

Afraid of getting left out in the cold,
She froze her eggs and put baby on hold,
Made a lotta dough while her milk dried up,
Then handed Prince Charming a plastic cup;
She had her little Miracle just shy of menopause,
Delivered on schedule to general applause,
(Caesarian birth just to be safe);
Spared no expense on her test tube waif,
Nursery, daycare, and school, she vowed,
All the best and beyond, cum laude;
But all through youth her precious good-as-gold,
Puzzled herself with what couldn't be told:
Why Mommy looks so preternaturally old.