Friday, 28 June 2013


In Mexico you're guilty until proven innocent. At the NYT you're left until proven right . . . 

"Let’s make some educated guesses about what the New America will look like." Why guess? Just look at Mexico and anyone can see what tomorrow holds for the Land of the Freeloader: plenty of crime, grime and get off the dime. California is already de facto Reconquista territory, with the rest of the sand states sure to follow. As for the "economically dynamic" country that Brooks (another one of those self-described conservatives who's anything but) is dreamily conjuring up, first let him explain how the current economic hollowing-out of America, coinciding almost perfectly with the ballooning out of immigration rates, won't exacerbate itself in a future flooded by millions more immigrants, legal and otherwise, eager to do the work that Americans (yeah yeah, here it comes) "can't or won't do." 
          Americans are becoming a terribly lazy people: too lazy to do labour, too lazy to raise kids, and too lazy to even get up off the sofa and vote for someone who might stop the insanity before it's finally too late. They need more exercise, no question, and putting Brooks and his Judeo-Corporate cant out with the garbage is a good place to start.

Monday, 24 June 2013

All the News for a Laughing Fit

"Snowden, US engaged in intercontinental game of cat-and-mouse" Cat and mouse? Right! As in "Tom and Jerry!" Flat-footed Uncle Sam is no match for the fleet-footed techie, it seems. And all those "friendly" nations laughing up their sleeves as they secretly abet the artful dodger under the solemn pretext of "legal procedures" just adds to the worldwide hilarity.
Grrrls! Are we going to take this sitting down? He's already been ordained a full-fledged "she" by the journos: ". . . to let her use the girl’s bathroom . . ." (my emphasis) they advise. Ah yes, the old question-begging pronoun maneuver, routinely employed by liberal journos in order to co-opt the reader into accepting as a given what in fact is in dispute. Aka brainwashing lite. All part of an updated, Westernized version of the Soviet-era game of Samizdat, where the subversively minded consumer must mentally decode the quasi-official equivocations and then reassemble them with the requisite scare quotes now in place. 

Update: Snowden is still cooling his heels in Moscow. Why? Let's hope he's not going rockstar like that idiot Asange. Move your ass, techie, or it's going to get kicked!

Obama's Climate Plans Face Yearslong Fight  But first, how about a plan for Sunday's tee-off forecast? 

The New F-Word: Father! Wrong! The new F word is none other than feminism itself. Most under-thirty women dread any contact with the movement. They've seen what it can do to a human brain: total dissociation from reality. Witness the toll it's taken on one Kathleen Parker, self-described conservative and author of the absurd title Save the Males. Women are gaining supremacy everywhere, she claims in the link article. Except, as she fails to note, where it really counts: not in the college wymins studies seminar but in the nation's boardrooms. Wasn't it just last month that American women were being exhorted to "lean in" more? (Don't lean in too far, ladies, or the PowerPoint may get lost in the embonpoint.) And just last week Obama was going through the annual hand wringing ritual over those stubborn "gender injustices" that just won't go away. Parker, who works out of a number of mainstream sites and talk shows, evidently believes that men are moping around desperate for a little tea and sympathy from their distaff displacers. No doubt her male colleagues in the mainstream circus, who typically - and scandalously - outnumber, out-rank and out-lean the females, are crying - all the way to the bank!    

Fact is, the only people down on men and fathers are the journos themselves and their Hollywood relatives. It's a closed loop, of course, one side feeding the other's fantasies. And the only reason they're getting away with it is the fact that men are still on top. And so they're expected to suck it up with a smile. And who wouldn't smile at such a silly title as Save the Males? Thar she blows, Kathleen.
In business and hitech, in high pay trades and big industry, it remains what James Brown said it was, a man's world. So, do the numbers, ladies, but be forewarned, because as Barbie (long since censored) once said, "Math is tough!" 

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Don't Retread On Me!

"Balancing our need for security with our ... "  No need to even finish the tedious drivel. Such is the tsunami of inanity spewing from mainstream this past week that if you haven't heard or read this pious pap at least a dozen times then you must be on high ground indeed. Down here in "reality" we're drowning in it. Even the usually tough minded - or at least right minded - Pat Buchanan has joined the chorus. And speak of the devil. Wasn't pitiful Pat ignominiously fired just last year for lamenting the impending death of white America? Lo and behold, what was the really big story this week? You guessed it, brother. "White Deaths Outnumber Births for first Time in History" groaned the media. They weren't groaning for the death of their race, of course, but rather for the onerous obligation of having to report it. (So right wing, you know.) One of them called our yawning collective grave a "grave concern." Maybe that's why the NYT buried it asap. A "surprising slump" advised the WaPo. Surprising? Not to Buchananites. I'd call PJB a prophet in his own land but for the fact that that's just it - it ain't his land anymore! Or WaPo's. (Some say that it ain't their race, either, but that's beside the point since we're all going to be strangers in a strange land pretty soon.)
     America's famed melting pot has become a seething cauldron of ethnic resentment and distrust. And most immigrants hail from places where government intrusion is an accepted way of life. In fact, people feel left out over there if the state's not watching their every move. So this latest demographic catastrophe makes for a nice fit with Obama's latest Big Brother brand. Blanket security is the new American majority's security blanket.
    Surveillance, they say, is the "unavoidable cost of security." Wrong! It's the inevitable price the US is paying for its dogmatic refusal to target the one demographic accountable for 99% of the world's terrorism. Because residents from Muslim countries can't be singled out for surveillance, everybody has to be. Profiling of some, no. Covert files on all, yes! Each new atrocity ratchets up another notch on the electronic manacles. The circulation is starting to slow. Before you know it, gangrene is setting in.
     Islam isn't going away anytime soon. In fact it's thriving. But hardly a decade after 9-11 the US constitution is on life support. In another ten years it'll be in a coma. The legendary "Don't Tread On me" Dixie rattler, emblem of rebels and a Tea Party icon, is starting to look like Ouroboros, the mythical worm that ate its own tail. So the suppression of freedom always gets justified as a preservation of freedom.
     (The grandiose Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in contrast, was dead on arrival, a limp appendage, a political dildo. Up here, freedom has always been a myth.)
      And is that the Fourth of July just around the corner? Well, strike up the band, pour the tea and start the parade! But first, let's sew some updated retreads on some of those bald testaments of freedom land, so sorely tested of late.
Thomas Jefferson: We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are spied upon equally; that they are endowed by their creator with certain rights of aliens; that among these are welfare, healthcare and the pursuit of a driver's license.
Patrick Henry: I say, give me liberty or give me Xanax!  
Honest Abe Lincoln: . . . that they should have government by the peephole, for the peephole and of the peephole.