Friday, 28 June 2013


In Mexico you're guilty until proven innocent. At the NYT you're left until proven right . . . 

"Let’s make some educated guesses about what the New America will look like." Why guess? Just look at Mexico and anyone can see what tomorrow holds for the Land of the Freeloader: plenty of crime, grime and get off the dime. California is already de facto Reconquista territory, with the rest of the sand states sure to follow. As for the "economically dynamic" country that Brooks (another one of those self-described conservatives who's anything but) is dreamily conjuring up, first let him explain how the current economic hollowing-out of America, coinciding almost perfectly with the ballooning out of immigration rates, won't exacerbate itself in a future flooded by millions more immigrants, legal and otherwise, eager to do the work that Americans (yeah yeah, here it comes) "can't or won't do." 
          Americans are becoming a terribly lazy people: too lazy to do labour, too lazy to raise kids, and too lazy to even get up off the sofa and vote for someone who might stop the insanity before it's finally too late. They need more exercise, no question, and putting Brooks and his Judeo-Corporate cant out with the garbage is a good place to start.

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