Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Family Matters

Before you eat James Moore for breakfast, consider: Was he not justified in assailing the ever-expanding dependency ethic in this country that starts with comparatively ample state provision of sustenance, aka welfare, for families - mostly single mothers with young children - and ends up with children, some of whom are not even in assisted families, getting breakfast AND lunch prepared for them gratis at school by strangers? What's next - government supper wagons tootling up the driveway every night? Quite honestly, what is a parent's role as parent in all of this? Being out of work is one thing, but allowing yourself to be pushed out of the picture entirely is quite another. In the most charitable light, James Moore can be seen to be actually supportive of the poor insofar as he does not want the state usurping the parent's traditionally bonding role in the personal feeding of her own children. Or is that in fact what the statists find so offensive?

There's a piece in the Asian press about the widening gulf in Vancouver between Chinese immigrants and the locals. Local Chinese, that is. Seems that the old stock of immigrants, ie, those who arrived all of ten years or so ago, resent the new breed of investor immigrants from the mainland who buy their way in and then price the homeys right out of the market. Being myself a white guy who's been long since priced right out of even renting in Vancouver, I'll refrain from interjecting into this family dispute. Suffice it to say that the ultimate cause of this immigration, which has gone unabated for forty years, is our own pathetic birth rate; at least the Asians still value children almost as much as they do real estate. And in Hong Kong it looks as though the former has long since overtaken the latter. Hongcouver, here we come!

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