Monday, 30 December 2013

Person of the Year: Ol' Man Winter

                                                    Blowing all the fools away.

That Ol' Man Winter, he must know something,
He just keeps dumping,
Mountains of snow and sleet
All over their carbon feet.

There's snowfall on the Sphinx,
Great Lakes look like rinks,
It's snowing' down Mexico way, 
It's snowing in the middle of May!  

"Science" tried to banish him,
They said his caps were vanishin'
But ask the bears and penguins:
They're back with a vengeance.

That Ol' Man Winter, he's some kind of wizard,
He makes the storm and blizzard,
While glaciers keep on forming,
And all the time it's "warming!" 

 He don't be afakin',
He don't make no prediction,
And them folk what make 'em,
They're soon science fiction.

But that Ol' Man Winter
He just keep a blowin' 
He just keep a blowin' 
Them off!

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