Saturday, 1 November 2014

Blue about Evergreen

The ship has pretty much . . . saled! Let's be honest, the moneyed real estate powers run the local councils, just as they run everything else - including the booster press, which gets 90% of its revenue from car&condo ads. Coquitlam mayor Stewart said last year that his city didn't need another high rise, but this year he's singing a different tune,  ca ching  ca ching, telling us that we have to "pay for Evergreen" (was there ever a more ironically-named project?), presumably by selling off - and out - everything else. Meanwhile the official hype about protecting the environment and promoting "livable communities" never stops. But what happened to the magnificent Blue Heron rookery at the Coquitlam estuary, suddenly vanishing in 2012 after thriving time out of mind? No one can say, it's a mystery, and of course the ongoing 5000 unit development just upstream had absolutely nothing to do with it. NOTHING! [My Comment on this story.]

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Coming soon: Ham Avenged, or, Ebola Hyperbole  

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Birds of a Featherhead

A mass flocking of the global warbler was sighted in the environs of New York City recently. The warblers were preparing for their annual hibernation during the coming winter months and, as usual during such display rituals, were noticeably unrestrained and raucous. Estimates vary as to their actual numbers, from the mere thousands into the hundreds of thousands, although it was noted that the more partial to warblers the watcher was, the more inflated the report appeared to be. The peculiar stridency of the misnamed warbler, always an irritation and a nuisance to human ears, is reported to have been more pronounced and incessant than in past years, owing no doubt to the increasingly early onset of cold weather which the species finds so inhospitable to its own propagation.
The whereabouts of the warblers during the winter months remains one of ornithology's abiding mysteries. Some experts have theorized that the birds burrow into the ground well below the frost line in a deluded attempt to mimic the warmer zones of summer. As temperatures drop, the birds are forced to dig ever more deeply and desperately downward in their frantic quest for warming.
Others, however, argue that the hapless hiberphobes seek out a safe haven in the upper rafters of the UN building, hanging upside-down like a horde of bats from October to the end of March. This odd behaviour, conjectured to be a recent adaptation to an overabundance of unpredicted sensory data, accounts for the birds' strangely inverted perspective, evinced in their characteristic topsy-turvy flight patterns, when they finally emerge from their seasonal torpor with the first floods of spring.
    Muted Reaction
The Audubon Society has issued an advisement for those wishing to observe the warbler at this crucial juncture in its life cycle: Be sure to wear protective clothing against the species' disgusting habit of muting on and smearing anyone it identifies as a non-warbler. Eye protection is imperative, as the warbler always tries to blind any perceived threat with a vicious attack on the ocular sense. Its own limited vision is of course well documented and only adds to the hazards of conscientious field work.
     Endangering Species
Finally, enthusiasts are cautioned against ever approaching the warbler with a view, however well-intentioned or scientific, of actually communicating with our errant avian. This only incenses the poor creature all the more, sending it into a frenzy of paranoid rancour from which it may never fully recover.
     Pleasant birding!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Deja Who?

A Wall Street Journal - ist writes: "Let us note briefly the commanding irony of Barack Obama delivering—hours before 9/11—the anti-terrorism speech that history required of his predecessor after September 11, 2001. There is one thing to say: If we are lucky, President Obama will hand off to his successor a terrorist enemy as diminished as the one George Bush, David Petraeus and many others left him."
Is he kidding? Obama's current "terrorist enemy" IS the one Bush & Co. left him! 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

To Hell and Back - on a Golf Cart

Hey Joe
How ya gonna follow 'em to the gates of hell
Without a boot on the ground, pray tell?

Obama says he hopes to render the ISIS menace into a "manageable problem." Does he think he's still on the fairway back at the Vineyard talking about some troublesome putt or sandpit? This is what you get when you send a community organizer to do a warrior's job.  What a disgrace!
        His lieutenant immediately sought to cover the gaffe by declaring himself ready to follow ISIS "to the gates of hell." Now that's more like it, except that's only how the presstitutes are framing it. The full quote actually includes the conditional clause, "until they are brought to justice." You may recall that justice was what Obama vowed would follow the perpetrators at Benghazi, if not to the gates of hell then at least to the portals of oblivion where it now resides. The idea seems to be that Biden wants to deliver a subpoena, or perhaps an arrest warrant, ideally on Satan's doorstep, to about 50,000 jihadists. How he thinks he can get down to hell, it being underground, when his boss has ruled out even setting foot on the ground, is a question better left for the theologians to ponder. Speaking of which, it's worth noting that the pope has given his blessing to a war against ISIS, something which Bush never got, try as might, for his earlier war in the same country. In other words, this is a just cause. But just or otherwise, what we can reasonably conclude from the rhetoric spewing from the White House is that things are pretty much where they've always been with this administration, i.e., in limbo.

Memo to Joe: If and when you do get down to the regions of shade, you might try enticing a certain former Iraqi president into making the journey back with you. Just tell him you've decided that you can't do without his Sunni disposition.
PS: Justice being what it is, even in hell, the Evil One may insist on a quid pro quo, in which case you better take along another former president, now known to be cowering in Crawford. Let's give the devil is due on this one.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Bah, bah, black sheep

He just wanted so much,” his stepmother Cal Brown said. “He wanted to go to college, he wanted to have a family, he wanted to be a good father.”  
Unfortunately he also wanted a box of  cigars and also wanted the $44 purchase price. So he just took them, shoving aside the retailer with the same intimidating physical advantage that he would use against a policeman just fifteen minutes later. Accounts differ on whether or not the cigars played any role in Brown's detention and death, but the release of the damning video was enough to instantly downgrade the "victim" from innocent lamb to marauding wolf.  Where have we seen this script play out before? Once more, the war of the narratives is on! 

Thursday, 3 July 2014


Like in The Puppet Masters where aliens clung
To the hapless backs of the darling young,
Forestalling the force which pity forbids,
So America succumbs to an army of kids.

The guns and swords that vanquished Santa Anna
Can't stop the heirs of Quetzalcoatl,
La Raza is suddenly top banana,
Its magic bullet in a baby bottle.

Lay down your arms, gringo, upon the ground,
By your own heartstrings your hands are bound;
Resistance is futile, the enemy too great,
Your open borders have sealed your fate.

Bowie and Crocket went to the wall,
They sleep forever in hallowed earth;
But could they see your present thrall,
Would they not ask what it was all worth?

Those lands your forbears won at such cost,
By the greedy and lax will soon be lost;
Too late you learned what Jefferson knew:
Merchants have no country, and neither have you.

They crossed the heavens' outer reaches,
But couldn't stop others crossing their beaches;
Mars and Pluto are mere child's play,
To keeping barefoot kids at bay.

Tell me, America, what does it profit a land,
To win some stardust and lose its sand?

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Ukrainian Circus

Though "carousel votingcouldn't be found,
Carousel diplomacy is most renowned:
Whenever old Horse Face starts to bound,
That's what they call a Kerry-go-round.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Fission Accomplished

Like Japan's Fukishima or Russia's Chernobyl,
America's Iraq is meltdown going global;
Disasters all with remedy but one:
Bury it in concrete and run, baby, run!  
         *       *       *

W to O -  I know your plight,
Walked in your shoes, can be your guide:
When you step in the Shiite,
Look on the Sunni side! 

Saturday, 26 April 2014

All the News that Fits their View

  The comment below was submitted in response to an article which originally appeared in the NY Times, where it was posted without allowing comments. That the premier print news organ of the USA can publish such defective writing boggles the mind. But who's going to stand on mere formality when there's a chance to dis the Catholic church?  

We are requested not to attack the writer, but what can one make of such an obvious attempt at misrepresentation? Trying to construct a false dichotomy between the present pope and his immediate predecessors, Vallely writes, “To counter that, [i.e., liberal trend] John Paul spoke of a “culture of death” that attacked modern attitudes to abortion and contraception . . . ” Firstly, a faulty sentence structure leaves it uncertain if the “culture of death” itself is not attacking modern attitudes, an obvious absurdity. But it lends itself to the further implied absurdity that somehow John Paul was actually advocating a ” culture of death,” instead of assailing it. (!!!) We then learn that, by contrast, “Francis embraces a culture of life.”
In point of fact, John Paul ll was implicitly invoking a “culture of life” in his every challenge to the culture of death. If Mr. Vallely wants to make valid points against these sainted individuals, he had better learn to sharpen his own prose first.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

I don't care about Cliven Bundy, but it's worth noting that "n*gro" was a politically correct term in 1970, used by The New York Times, and Bundy is a "senior" citizen.

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      You're right, friend. But, see, the "negro" term was itself a replacement term for "colored," being in turn replaced by "black," which, too, fell out of favor in preference for "African American;" this last designation also seems now to be approaching its own inevitable expiry date. The momentum for all these nomenclature resets stems from the persistent tendency of certain negative associations to accrue to the terms over time, a result of the persistent negative behavior of the people themselves, some of which said behavior being the focus of recent inflammatory comments by Mr. Bundy. Evidently the people in question find it more convenient to simply change their name instead of modifying the behavior which attaches to the name. Contrast the mutability of these terms with the relative permanence of other racial appellatives, say that of the Chinese, for example. Despite the horrendous historical prejudice initially arrayed against them, the Chinese in America were, over the generations, able to make "Asian" a byword of diligence, intelligence and civility, thus proving that WE shape our names, the names don't shape us. BTW, look for a comeback for "colored" on the politically correct horizon - this is the age of recycling, after all, and we're running out of original newspeak.

    Saturday, 19 April 2014

    Buy Buy B.C.

    Another day, another censored comment, this time at the pathetically local booster press, The Tri-Cities News. Any mention of race in the local Canadian media is bound to raise editorial hackles, especially when it impinges on the hallowed subject of real estate. The original story is a transparent red herring, promoting the spurious notion that the young of BC are being pitilessly driven out of the province for want of a five-percent housing down-payment. Who knows? maybe they are; but the point is, there's no lack of young people worldwide ready to take their place. And there's the rub: isn't the item itself implicitly based on a racist perspective? For what does it matter, in a PC framework, who is filling the shoes and the houses of the previous generation, so long as they're being filled? So perhaps the unconsciously implied headline of the item is actually Bye bye, (White) B.C.  
          Not only was my comment suppressed, but any further access to the comments box was effectively blocked. This is par for the course in the Canadian media, aka "realtors in fealty," where the touchy subject of real estate and immigration must never be allowed to rear its hateful head. Part of the perennial narrative of this nation's media is the phony concern over falling home prices. In fact,  real estate valuation has never experienced anything other than a robust upward trend since at least the early seventies, when mass immigration became the preferred mode for propping up both the population and the construction industry.

     Here's the comment; the link, needless to say, goes to an offshore publication. No Canadian outlet would ever dare publish such an incendiary article.
    Curiously, our editors fail to suggest any reason as to why real estate prices are so dear. It's especially curious insofar as the Tri-Cities is an area where the unremitting clang of the developer's pile driver has been the dominant note in the urban soundscape for the past twenty-five years. Somebody must be paying the exorbitant tabs the builders are demanding, and it isn't grandma. "Canada was built on the backs of young people leaving home to make better lives for themselves..." we are told. And so it is today, dear editors, except that the homes which these young people are leaving happen to be in Asia, and the wealth they are bringing into this country and into the housing market is generating more than realtors' smiles. It is generating resentment. And ironically, that resentment is nowhere more pronounced than among Canada's own young and mobile Asians.  

    Tuesday, 8 April 2014

    Vive la Stupidite

          Until recently, Quebecers had been routinely stigmatized in the rest of Canada for two putative failings: being fecund and being dumb. The first was a fact; the second was just a bad rap based on the fact that they spoke a tongue that differed from that of the enlightened race of Anglos who had conquered them.
         Then came the sexual revolution, ironically paralleling the cultural revolution of francophile Quebec. The Catholic church, which encouraged large families and deference to authority, became anathema to the progressive vanguard of the Parti Quebecois. The future was French and to hell with the Anglos and the priestly abetters of servitude.
         But a funny thing happened on the way out of church: the bottom dropped out of the home grown natality numbers. Divorce, abortion and feminism thrived in the shadow of PQ secularism. In the space of one generation the most prolific people in Canada became the most barren. By the turn of the millennium Quebec found itself scrambling for the same pool of made-to-order immigrant population which the other provinces were now relying on to replace their own sterile constituents.
          Problem was, the immigrants didn't give a foreign fig for French culture or the French language. They lived and worked in Quebec, but their allegiance was with English Canada, not because it was Canada but because it was English, the de facto language of the world. So, as Quebecers fought to keep the Anglos at bay, they were actually importing a fifth column of "new Anglos" just to keep the economy going. Diversitee and la difference were on a headlong collision course.
          With yesterday's Liberal crushing of the PQ came the inevitable crash. And while diversitee walked away unscathed, la difference is now in a political coma. Perhaps the PQ will avail themselves of their enforced retirement from power to meditate on their whole raison d'etre. What, in the final analysis, can be the point of trying to foster one's culture among foreign people when your own bloodline is vanishing?  Vive le Quebec doesn't make much sense without Vive la Vie.
           As noted, Quebec has always been famous for two things. But although they're no longer prolific, now they really are dumb.

    Tuesday, 1 April 2014

    A Silly Walk Into Oblivion

      ". . .  you think well, well, well what's going on?" - John Cleese. commenting that London is no longer an English city.

    Ever notice the deafening silence from Britain's celebrity culture when it comes to the ongoing Muslim takeover of their homeland? Where are the songs and skits and films protesting the Islamic invasion? Where are "Sir Paul" and "Sir Mick" when we need them most? There's a mosque in Penny Lane and Time is on the side of the people inside it.
            Most of the "stars" are cowards, they like to say they're "lovers, not fighters," but they really love only themselves and their bank accounts. Nothing must threaten their popularity, and speaking out against the insanity of immigration might result in some loss of cool in the eyes of their loyal liberal fan base, never mind the almost certain outcry it would provoke from the press.
              It's also worth noting that people like Cleese are in some way actually to blame for the current malaise: they were front and centre in the rush to dismantle traditionalist England during the sixties and seventies. Everything connoting the past or conventional mores was mocked and spat upon (literally, if you recall Spitting Image) by them and their media cohorts; and so they in some degree paved the way for the Muslim's own more radical negation of British values. No coincidene that street fighting Jagger has openly espoused anarchism and insulted the queen. A rolling stone gathers no moss and Mick gathers no gratitude or allegiance to the people that made him fabulously rich. He's always toyed with Satanism and now that the people who really believe in Satan have shown up, he's fled to rural France.
               The Stones did their share to wreck things, of course. But if you had to choose one song to embody the entire rush into British self-alienation it would have to be the Beatles' absurdist paean "A Day in the Life." A fantastic composition, to be sure, musically speaking. But in its crashing last chord of drop-out oblivion, I can't help but hear, in retrospect, the insidious echo of adhan.
           Like John Lennon, the silly walk genius was a child of the irony age but the big irony is on them all: most of those "different cultures around London" being ruefully observed by Cleese will never be able to "get" Monty Python or "A Day in the Life." And some day neither will we.

    Saturday, 29 March 2014

    Liberty's Dearborn Death 

    Jefferson fought the Barbary pirates,
    On distant seas subdued the Moors,
    But oh, his shock could he see those sly rats
    One day infest his own fair shores!

    Wednesday, 19 March 2014

    a bear in the prime of its maturity is protecting its small cub, which shows the sanguinary mark of a recent attack on its young neck; ringing them about are a toothless old bulldog, a splay-hipped Alsatian, and a degenerate-looking poodle, none of whom appears to be especially keen on bearding the powerful bruin on its own turf, bay as they might from a distance. High in a tree some way off, perches an eagle, its feathers soiled and ruffled, its talons grasping a tuft of blood-soaked fur, its eyes unnaturally bright with the fire of frustrated rage. The terrible beak is agape and menacing as it shrieks its fell commands to the reluctant canines down below. The caption reads: Fuck the world!

    Monday, 17 March 2014

    The Americans are coming! The Americans are coming. . .  Apart!

    The contrast couldn't be more glaring. Putin: forceful, determined, deft; Obama: weak, vacillating, inept. There IS a tide in the affairs of men, as Shakespeare's Brutus noted, and that tide has left Obama in the shallows where he belongs. Obama is the captain of a ship that was headed for the rocks long before he came on board. Could he have turned it around, as per his pledges? Could he  have adjusted the ballast and stopped the list toward militarism. Or could he have, Canute-like, turned back the mad tide of inflated dollars that is the underlying cause of all America's recent conflicts? Perhaps he could have, but he chose not even to try. Why rock the boat?
             Then came the rocks. First Putin stole a march on the One by rescuing Snowden, to much of the world's applause. The irony was consummate: Russia's former spy master upstaging the snooper in chief under the banner of openness and freedom. While Obama fumed, Putin basked in Snowden's reflected glory.
              Then the judo master's adroit statecraft in Syria caught the One with his pants down. Kerry and Co. had their Persian rug, red line and all, pulled right out from under them by the Russian master weaver.
               Now after the Ukraine fiasco, the pants are off and the One stands exposed in all his naked hypocrisy and aggression. The London Financial Times is exhorting Obama to use his "preferred weapon" of diplomacy in the Ukraine. Better to "jaw jaw than war,war," it recites. Churchillian diplomacy may be Obama's schtick but it means nothing without Teddy Roosevelt's Big Stick. And the USA has neither stick nor carrot anymore. Its pseudo wealth has finally caught up to its pseudo strength. So The One is done and Putin has won. 

    Monday, 17 February 2014

    Their Cup Runneth Over . . . Everything!

    On Stemmle's dissing the Stanley Cup at Sochi:

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        He's right! The two venues are polar opposites: Olympics = dreams and ideals; NHL= greed and deals. It's like some boorish, rich, distant relation crashing your wedding ceremony and drawing all the attention to himself. Throw the bum out!

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            Come off it. 50 billion spent on an Olympics that more realistically cost 20 billion tops with the rest going into Putins buddies pockets. You were saying something about greed and deals and Olympic ideals?

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                Irrelevant comment. Does the cost of building a church detract from the solemnity of the wedding ceremony inside? ( BTW: Why ARE Westerners so obsessed about this? Seems to me it's a matter strictly between the Russian government and the Russian people who are paying for it.)