Monday, 17 February 2014

Their Cup Runneth Over . . . Everything!

On Stemmle's dissing the Stanley Cup at Sochi:

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      He's right! The two venues are polar opposites: Olympics = dreams and ideals; NHL= greed and deals. It's like some boorish, rich, distant relation crashing your wedding ceremony and drawing all the attention to himself. Throw the bum out!

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          Come off it. 50 billion spent on an Olympics that more realistically cost 20 billion tops with the rest going into Putins buddies pockets. You were saying something about greed and deals and Olympic ideals?

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              Irrelevant comment. Does the cost of building a church detract from the solemnity of the wedding ceremony inside? ( BTW: Why ARE Westerners so obsessed about this? Seems to me it's a matter strictly between the Russian government and the Russian people who are paying for it.)

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