Saturday, 26 April 2014

All the News that Fits their View

  The comment below was submitted in response to an article which originally appeared in the NY Times, where it was posted without allowing comments. That the premier print news organ of the USA can publish such defective writing boggles the mind. But who's going to stand on mere formality when there's a chance to dis the Catholic church?  

We are requested not to attack the writer, but what can one make of such an obvious attempt at misrepresentation? Trying to construct a false dichotomy between the present pope and his immediate predecessors, Vallely writes, “To counter that, [i.e., liberal trend] John Paul spoke of a “culture of death” that attacked modern attitudes to abortion and contraception . . . ” Firstly, a faulty sentence structure leaves it uncertain if the “culture of death” itself is not attacking modern attitudes, an obvious absurdity. But it lends itself to the further implied absurdity that somehow John Paul was actually advocating a ” culture of death,” instead of assailing it. (!!!) We then learn that, by contrast, “Francis embraces a culture of life.”
In point of fact, John Paul ll was implicitly invoking a “culture of life” in his every challenge to the culture of death. If Mr. Vallely wants to make valid points against these sainted individuals, he had better learn to sharpen his own prose first.

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