Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Vive la Stupidite

      Until recently, Quebecers had been routinely stigmatized in the rest of Canada for two putative failings: being fecund and being dumb. The first was a fact; the second was just a bad rap based on the fact that they spoke a tongue that differed from that of the enlightened race of Anglos who had conquered them.
     Then came the sexual revolution, ironically paralleling the cultural revolution of francophile Quebec. The Catholic church, which encouraged large families and deference to authority, became anathema to the progressive vanguard of the Parti Quebecois. The future was French and to hell with the Anglos and the priestly abetters of servitude.
     But a funny thing happened on the way out of church: the bottom dropped out of the home grown natality numbers. Divorce, abortion and feminism thrived in the shadow of PQ secularism. In the space of one generation the most prolific people in Canada became the most barren. By the turn of the millennium Quebec found itself scrambling for the same pool of made-to-order immigrant population which the other provinces were now relying on to replace their own sterile constituents.
      Problem was, the immigrants didn't give a foreign fig for French culture or the French language. They lived and worked in Quebec, but their allegiance was with English Canada, not because it was Canada but because it was English, the de facto language of the world. So, as Quebecers fought to keep the Anglos at bay, they were actually importing a fifth column of "new Anglos" just to keep the economy going. Diversitee and la difference were on a headlong collision course.
      With yesterday's Liberal crushing of the PQ came the inevitable crash. And while diversitee walked away unscathed, la difference is now in a political coma. Perhaps the PQ will avail themselves of their enforced retirement from power to meditate on their whole raison d'etre. What, in the final analysis, can be the point of trying to foster one's culture among foreign people when your own bloodline is vanishing?  Vive le Quebec doesn't make much sense without Vive la Vie.
       As noted, Quebec has always been famous for two things. But although they're no longer prolific, now they really are dumb.

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