Thursday, 4 September 2014

To Hell and Back - on a Golf Cart

Hey Joe
How ya gonna follow 'em to the gates of hell
Without a boot on the ground, pray tell?

Obama says he hopes to render the ISIS menace into a "manageable problem." Does he think he's still on the fairway back at the Vineyard talking about some troublesome putt or sandpit? This is what you get when you send a community organizer to do a warrior's job.  What a disgrace!
        His lieutenant immediately sought to cover the gaffe by declaring himself ready to follow ISIS "to the gates of hell." Now that's more like it, except that's only how the presstitutes are framing it. The full quote actually includes the conditional clause, "until they are brought to justice." You may recall that justice was what Obama vowed would follow the perpetrators at Benghazi, if not to the gates of hell then at least to the portals of oblivion where it now resides. The idea seems to be that Biden wants to deliver a subpoena, or perhaps an arrest warrant, ideally on Satan's doorstep, to about 50,000 jihadists. How he thinks he can get down to hell, it being underground, when his boss has ruled out even setting foot on the ground, is a question better left for the theologians to ponder. Speaking of which, it's worth noting that the pope has given his blessing to a war against ISIS, something which Bush never got, try as might, for his earlier war in the same country. In other words, this is a just cause. But just or otherwise, what we can reasonably conclude from the rhetoric spewing from the White House is that things are pretty much where they've always been with this administration, i.e., in limbo.

Memo to Joe: If and when you do get down to the regions of shade, you might try enticing a certain former Iraqi president into making the journey back with you. Just tell him you've decided that you can't do without his Sunni disposition.
PS: Justice being what it is, even in hell, the Evil One may insist on a quid pro quo, in which case you better take along another former president, now known to be cowering in Crawford. Let's give the devil is due on this one.

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