Saturday, 1 November 2014

Blue about Evergreen

The ship has pretty much . . . saled! Let's be honest, the moneyed real estate powers run the local councils, just as they run everything else - including the booster press, which gets 90% of its revenue from car&condo ads. Coquitlam mayor Stewart said last year that his city didn't need another high rise, but this year he's singing a different tune,  ca ching  ca ching, telling us that we have to "pay for Evergreen" (was there ever a more ironically-named project?), presumably by selling off - and out - everything else. Meanwhile the official hype about protecting the environment and promoting "livable communities" never stops. But what happened to the magnificent Blue Heron rookery at the Coquitlam estuary, suddenly vanishing in 2012 after thriving time out of mind? No one can say, it's a mystery, and of course the ongoing 5000 unit development just upstream had absolutely nothing to do with it. NOTHING! [My Comment on this story.]

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