Thursday, 8 January 2015

C'est L' Economie, Stupide!

The ledgers at the Paris Bourse will be out as usual today,  counting up the gains and marking down the losses of the previous day's trades and trade-offs. Let's see, that's eight murdered - but the economy is humming right along. Free speech was down but (foreign) worker satisfaction was up. Oh, well, that's the cost of doing business. Now, we really must import a few hundred thousand more Muslins by year's end.  Gotta have workers and consumers to keep us in our wonted style and comfort. And since our own women have long since moved on from the tedium of maternity, where else can we get our next generation if not from the third world? Free speech? Well, as good businessmen, let's be honest, if it's free then it must be worthless. Just one more entry ...  France in the bloody red, Islam in the black. Done!

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