Friday, 23 January 2015

Die Job

With fifty stripes of the lash still raw on the back of Saudi reformer Raif Badawi, America's media have gone into geyser-mode slavering over the villain who put them there. Like undertakers applying greasepaint to a rotting corpse, the journos are pulling out all stops to eulogize "America's staunchest Arab ally," who just happened to be, as the avowed guardian of Islam, a sworn enemy of "America's staunchest MidEast ally,"  i.e., Israel. Is there a contradiction here? Is black white?
        Actually, it is. At WaPo they've got a full page rundown on the barbarous king's barbering habits. It turns out that the unnaturally black beard was being colour-treated all the time. Who would have guessed! The old devil was only ninety, after all. And so it is with all the aging princes of the realm, past masters at turning back the clock. Maybe it's having all those wives in the harem that drives this vanity, but it's a vanity that serves everyone's purpose: We need their Arab Super Light and they need our Grecian Formula 16 dark.
      It all reads like trivia, but WaPo understands how to tint the news by focusing on black beards and away from whitewashed crimes.
      But Abdullah's commitment to change went beyond the merely cosmetic, or so they tell us. He increased the literacy rate - and banned hundreds of books. He advocated for peace - and secretly funded ISIS and all the other Wahhabi psychopaths out there. He believed in interfaith dialogue - and arrested  apostates.
      In Britain, flags were lowered to honour the tinctured tyrant, even at the palace. With billions in arms sale to the Sauds, Cameron knows which side of the bread his oil's on. And the queen, renowned for her addiction to thoroughbreds, may be forgiven if the sound of her jockey's whip drowns out the headsman's lash. It's the sport of kings, after all, as is riding roughshod over human rights.
      They must be laughing in North Korea, where ritualized tears are a routine thing. After all, how is Kim Jon Un any more of a bane to humanity than His Royal Travesty was? If more prisoners of conscience crowd Korean than Saudi jails, it's only because more heads roll in Ryadh. How many  innocent people have died because of this sheeted thug's need for "stability and security" will never be known. What is known is that his heir apparent is just as committed to wealth and privilege, er, I mean stability and security, as was old hair apparent himself. That's the kind of "continuity" our journos applaud. Are you listening, Headsman? Continuity! Let's see, now, where did we leave off? Oh, right! That's fifty-one, fifty-two, fifty-three . . . .
Blow Off
Because of their oil, they're treated royal by Western clientele;
Each time we drive we help them thrive, and rig their iniquitous well,
By our hard cash they wield the lash that keeps conscience in its cell;
So walk and save, and dig their grave, and blast them all to hell! 

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