Sunday, 11 January 2015

Le Terroriste, C'est Moi!

An accomplice to the Paris massacres got away, but there are plenty of others just begging for arrest - if only the French had the guts! Here's a shortlist of France's  Most Wanted:

Hollande, Sarkozy and every president back to De Gaulle, along with all the ministers and politiicians in or out of office who betray their heritage and history every day of the week. These are the appeasers of Islam and the paid puppets of the moneymen who promote, as they do in all Western nations, mass immigration. Last known wherabouts: Cloud Cuckooo Land.

Big Business, the suits and suave set down at the Bourse who plot continually behind closed doors to ensure a steady flow of new workers and consumers into France, whatever the cost to the country's long-term stability.

Journos of left, right, and center,  paid by the above, to suppress and ignore the grotesque failure of Multicult.

Priests, Bishops and Popes who refuse, out of cowardice or ignorance to assert the superiority of their own creed over the hideous pseudo-religion of Islam.

Chic Young Childless Women all over France, indirect aiders and abettors of the atrocities, yes,  the same ones now sporting the  "Je suis Charlie" signs like so many fashion accessories in the candlelight vigils. They'd rather say "Je suis intellectuelle" than "Je suis maman," but they are the effective mothers of every immigrant in France. By their fruits ye shall know them - and by their lack of fruit.

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