Saturday, 17 January 2015

Pardon My French

       There's nothing like a show of unity to bring out the double-talk in the West. The editors of Charlie Hebdo are calling their new cover "defiant," but its message of "all is forgiven" smacks of cowing appeasement. Why is Mahomet crying? For the loss of life? For God;s sake! Wasn't he the one who ordained it?
       Here in Canada, Justin Trudeau, a sometime defender of female genital mutilation against the imputation of barbarism, is telling us that the attacks are a "perversion" of Islam. 88% of Egyptians want apostates put to death. Is that also a perversion? The only perversion of Islam is the so-called moderate mode of Muslims who don't take the Koran seriously. One could say that moderation is in effect a perversion of barbarism, just as light is a perversion of darkness.
         If Trudeau had read the not-so-holy Koran he would know that Islam is a perversion of religion itself. Just as his own creed, Catholicism, is a perversion of logic. His pope condemned the "fundamentalism" behind the attacks and then followed up with an implied condemnation of the attacked. Having it both ways is the preferred mode of discourse for this former Jesuit. Free speech is OK, it seems, but it has its limits. And the hint is is that Hebdo crossed those limits. Ergo, they got what they deserved. Hebdo, as it turns out, is no friend of Catholicism, and routinely ranks on Holy Mother Church with the same gusto it shows the religion of peace. Turning the other cheek also has its limits, it seems, even for the vicar of Christ.
         But actions speak louder than words. No sooner had the French government come off a mass rally* supporting free speech, than it started arresting scores of citizens for violating hate laws. Pat Buchanan writes that the French are morally befuddled. Being a good Christian gentleman, Pat doesn't swear, but he knows, and we all know, what France is. It's damn well @#%&ed!
      Islam, it's been said, has no sense of humour, but even the sternest jihadi must have smiled at these cartoonish antics among the freedom-loving infidels. What a joke!    

*Which rally excluded nationalist Marine Le Pen but embraced the hypocrite representatives of Saudi Arabia, just as the first fifty of 1000 lashes were being meted out to  blogger Raif Badawi for the crime of wanting a more lenient Islam. 

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