Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Once again, Holy Week is upon us,
And U.S. libs are shouting Hossanas, 
Lining the Via Dolorosa with a vengeance
To exult over sinners seeking redemption.

First in view is Trevor Noah,
Who laughed at Jews, shades of Shoah!
Now the king of jesters mourns 
Under a crown of tweeted thorns. 

Behind him, Pence of the Crossroads State,
Is getting hammered for learning too late:
Who gets religion ain't got a prayer;
So lay on, lasher, and the whip don't spare!

But as Pence repents and Noah atones,
Let the good news be spread:
It'll be a miracle, and make no bones, 
If either one can rise from the dead.

(Still unrepentant is the crusty Maher,
Who put teen and terrorist at par;
And drew the censure of Islamophobe!
As teenies wept their jihadi heartthrob.)

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