Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Party

Alright, children, who would like some cake and ice cream? One at a time!
Now, Donald, how do you always manage to be first in line?
I dunno, m’am. Guess I’m just lucky.
He pushed me out of the way, Nanny.
Aw, Jeb, what a crybaby you are.
Am not! You’re a bully! I’m gonna tell my brother.
So tell him! What’s he gonna do - start a war?
It’s true, Nanny, Donald’s a bully. I saw him picking on John. He said John wasn’t brave.
You little snitch, Ricky! You’re just jealous cuz I’m not afraid of the gang and you are.
I am not afraid. And they’re not a gang. They’re my friends. Why don’t you go home, Donald. Nobody likes you.
Teddy likes me.
Yeah, I like Donald.
We’re pals. And what kind of friends break into your house, Ricky?
They didn’t!
They did, too! And you let them. You’re a chicken and John’s a sissy.
Children, please! Eat your cake and stop all this fighting.
What now, Lindsey?
Donald stepped on my phone.
Did not!

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