Tuesday, 7 July 2015

What The Donald should say

"I see that Mr. Rick Parry finds my comments “offensive.” Perry, as you may remember from his previous bid for the nomination, wants us to “have a heart” when it comes to the  issue of people entering our country illegally. Well, you know they say charity begins at home. So I’d like Rick to know right off that I do have a heart. I have a heart for the people of Arizona and New Mexico whose property is being overrun and vandalized by our new "guests;” I have a heart for the women and children who have been raped and even killed by some of these marauding migrants; I have a heart for the border patrol trying to do the impossible with insufficient funds or support from Washington; I have a heart for Americans whose jobs are being given to undocumented workers by unscrupulous contractors and farmers; I have a heart for the many Mexicans now waiting patiently in line to be admitted legally who see that crime pays the queue-jumpers; most of all I have a heart for my country and yours, whose future looks more and more uncertain under the present drift of things.  And so I ask the governor and all my critics in turn, Won’t you have a heart?

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