Saturday, 24 October 2015


As Europe's gardens fill with migrant sand,
And freedom's vine begins to fade and die,
None the sirocco's searing force withstand,
Save them who the invaders thus defy:
"Zuruck! Zuruck! Back, whence you came!
This is our home, nor yours to claim!
Your brazen breach we shall not brook,
So to your self-made hell Zuruck!" 

Then from the ruins of Church and ancient form,
A voice is heard above the crescent storm:
"People! before decrying borders' breaching,
Condemn the folly of your over-reaching.
Zuruck! Zuruck! Back, whence you came!
To keep your land, your faith reclaim!
Heed history's just and stern rebuke,
And to your sacred roots Zuruck!"

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