Thursday, 19 November 2015

Bon Appetit!

The Morlocks have had their chow.
The Eloi are safe - for now!
There are friends missing that were here last Friday,
But soon their memory will die away;
the bars and bistros beckon, entrer!
Back to the theatre and ballet.
Back to the class where the sterile brood,
seduce les mademoiselles  comme d'habitude;
The markets and boulangeries are full,
And the banlieue's adhan is barely audible;
Have another cafe au lait, definitely!  
The croissants are absoulutely heavenly!

But soon the Morlocks will grow hungry again,
Having acquired un gout Parisienne,
and from the shadows they'll come as before,
To batten under the croissant du mort.

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