Friday, 20 November 2015

The Five Hollows of Islam

Five pillars quarried from Mahomet's cave,
Undergird Islam's stony architrave;
And each compelling beam conceals a pit,
whose emptiness confines the Infinite.
The first sub-text negates the Golden Rule,
                 whose godly glimmer sets religion's jewel;
Travel to distant shrines seeking the blest,
but self in others sought is man's true quest.

A second crater hides the grave of Conscience,
          whose cancellation makes religion nonsense;
That heavenly chime which resonates in man ,
Is drowned out by the deafening adhan.

 Forgiveness, flower of faith, has never blown
 where Rule's hell-bent on casting the first stone;
                  Largesse enough to fill a prophet's grave,
 won't win the mercy that one never gave.

Freedom, foundation of all moral action,
rots in the dungeon of the will's extraction;
      Ramadan's end makes pious souls rejoice,
yet still the spirit famishes for Choice.

And last discovers Islam's darkest hole,
a damned annihilation of the soul,
in whose void hatred's black apostle throve -
Not ever fathoming that God is Love!

Five Pillars: as listed above each set.
Cave: Hira, legendary site of the Koran's inspiration.
Haj: the unique pilgrimage mandated for all believers.
Adhan: Muslim call to prayer.
Ramadan: Muslim month of daily fasting, ending with a celebration.
Shahada: Islamic vow of initiation: "There is no allah but Allah and Mahomet is his messenger (or prophet)."

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