Friday, 13 November 2015

Too Dumb for Tears

What's the French for deja vu? Oh, right! 

Last year they were Charlie and pathetic. This year they're just plain contemptible.
For decades we've watched the French defy all common sense and human experience by letting an alien and hostile creed take root on its native soil. And when the inevitable happened, we watched them water those insidious shoots - no pun intended -  with tears of self-pity. Poor Frenchie - not! 
         I have no pity or solicitude for a country that deliberately brought such havoc upon itself, and that even now refuses to acknowledge its own complicity in the atrocity. And that blame is twofold. For while it let the aliens in, France let its own culture and heritage dry up at the roots. First it lost its faith, then it lost its mind. Finally, it lost its will to live. No country on earth expends so much energy boasting about its culture, and yet no country on earth does so little to ensure the continuance of its culture into the future - by having sufficient numbers of offspring to pass it on to. The Muslim "migrants" are merely an unacknowledged in lieu of answer to the national sterility count. Every Parisian bitch tediously boasting that she's an "intellectual" rather than a mere housewife can look on the monsters shooting down her friends in the cafes and theatres as her own foster children. The void of her womb created the demographic vacuum that's sucking in these migrants like a low-pressure front sucking in bad weather. People question why feminists won't decry the Islamists, but how can they denounce their own progeny? The personal is political, after all.
      The French are decadent. And, like most decadents, they are incapable of reform. Pleasure, not happiness, is the decadent's credo, and passivity is his ideal. True happiness entails struggle and even some suffering, and the French are past struggling. When Paris's tears are tears of remorse for five decades of willful ignorance, accompanied by a resolve to never again shed tears over the Muslim invaders who, even now, are flooding into France and the rest of Europe, then and then only will I express any solidarity, much less sympathy, with this miserable excuse of a nation. But if they ever do change, the struggle and sacrifice are waiting for them:
Task1: Elect the National Front -  just do it! Hollande has "declared war" on Daesh. But the real war is against Islam itself. Only Le Pen comprehends this fact. 
Task 2: Exterminate Daesh - now! All-out war or nothing.
Task 3: Have children - lots of children. 

Last spring, the French were scoffing at US reports of no-go zones in Paris. Soon all Paris will be a no-go zone. France and all Western countries should put a moratorium on all Muslim immigration. And the Muslims now living in the West should be encouraged to depart ASAP. Islam and democracy - especially democracy informed by Christian perspectives - do not mix. And they who attempt to mix them will get only what they've always gotten: blood and tears.
    Hollande is vowing a "pitiless" response to ISIS. But pitilessness, like charity, should begin at home. And Marine LePen is the only politician with the resolve for this. 

And speaking of dumb! Putin, the great spy master, head of KGB and man of a thousand-and-one exploits, starts a war with Daesh but leaves his  civilian flank wide open for the inevitable blindsiding. Never mind that the Russian tourists were mad to go into the Mid East in the first place. Ya ne ponimaya!

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