Friday, 4 December 2015

The Lion and the Hyenas: a Parable

The king of beasts had just despatched his quarry,
And stood exulting in his trump of glory,
When he himself discovered in extremis,
Surrounded by a pack of howling hyenas.

They yelped and laughed and jibbered and derided;
As some attacked his rear, others blindsided;
But though relentless in their vicious chase,
None dared confront the monarch face to face.

Their teeth were styli and their claws like quills,
But their first weapon was their hellish shrills;
For who so brave, and what their pride and prowess,
Who say this gang of gigglers cannot cow us?

But though they cried "he's ours" at every snatch,
The spotted brood at last had met their match
In the gold-maned triumphant jungle lord,
Who drowned out all their drivel when he roared!

Each swipe of his formidable right paw
Proclaimed the jungle's just and supreme law,
Which, all the howling press of brutes despite,
Ordains that fight and fight alone makes right.

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