Sunday, 20 December 2015

Trump vs Hillary:Fantasy Debate

Ladies and gentlemen, Americans and peoples of the world, tonight we present to you, live and without moderation, the political battle of the century, a polemical armageddon for the nation's soul: Donald Trump, billionaire and television persoanlity, against Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State and wife of former US president. And now without any more preamble, let the debate begin!

Trump: Ladies first! (Gesturing)
Clinton: How polite! - (under her breath) and chauvinist! But we all know Mr. Trump's real attitude
              toward "ladies," I think.
Trump: On the contrary, madame, I have never expressed any point of view regarding females in  
             general, but I have said things about individual members of your sex. And I stand by them
Clinton: So women are still fat pigs to Donald Trump. (Gesturing toward Trump as she looks at 
Trump:  Some are, as are some men. Does that mean I'm now waging a war on men? How does  
              disparaging one or two women constitute a wholesale insult to all women? Sounds to me like      
              you're trying to put your sex up on a pedestal beyond criticism. Is that what feminism has
              come to?
Clinton: Insult isn't criticism, sir.
Trump:  No, but it'll do in a pinch! (Laughter)
Clinton: Ha ha! When a man attacks a woman's appearance, it's because she doesn't come up to his
              exalted standards of sexual attractiveness, which is the result of the gender stereotyping
              which people like you traffic off of in those ridiculous so-called beauty pageants with their            
              false conception of beauty. That's why it's an insult to all of us who are still struggling to
              break through the glass ceiling. That's what feminism is up against and that's why I'll always
              be a proud feminist. (Applause)
Trump:  And so the quick way through the glass ceiling is up on a pedestal. Or is it via the altar?
              (boos and then applause)
Clinton: Are you implying that I made my way by marrying my husband? I find that offensive.
Trump:  I hope you didn't marry anyone else's husband. (Laughter)
Clinton: I find that offensive!
Trump:  But do you find it true?  Quite honesly, Ms. Clinton, would anyone outside of Little Rock, let
              alone Arkansas, have ever heard of Hillary Rodham, attorney at law, but for the fact that she  
              married a future pesident of the United States? Get real, Hillary! And by the way, before you
              start villifying Miss Universe, you might look in the mirror and note how you seem to be
              emulating that "false conception" of beauty yourself.
Clinton: I am real, Mr. Trump. Right to the liberal roots - your roots, too, by the way, Mr. Trump. So        
              what if I wear make-up and dye my hair! Don't we all, sir? (Laughtr and applause)
Trump:  But the rest of us are not complaining to Time that it's an unfair expectation put on us by
              others. Who's forcing you, proud feminist that you are? Don't tell me - it's the same people
              who forced you to go under the knife a few years back to pare back the years, nothing flase
              in that!. Lady, you've got the cheek - or rather, you  had the cheeks! (Laughter)
Clinton: And you've got the gall, to insult my appearance like an overgrown schoolyard bully!
              Typical bullying Donald Trump. (Applause)
Trump:   Oh, right, that's the media line: whenever any man trumps a woman in debate (laughter) he
               is immediately assailed for "bullying" her. But bullies are people with an unfair advantage
               over their victims, aren't they? Do I have an unfair advantage over you, Hillary?
Clinton: Only in the hot air department, sir. (Laughter)
Trump:  Hot air, hey? Well, to vary Harry Truman's old adage - If you can't stand the heat, feminists,
              go back to the kitchen!
Clinton: I  find --
Trump:  Yeah, let me guess: you find that offensive.

to be cont

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