Saturday, 5 December 2015

Vatic Verses

The day is coming, be assured,
that sees our foes expelled;
and as that day's deferred,
more shall it rage unquelled.

Then will our cities reel
with hate and mad turmoil,
that we like weeds should feel
upon our native soil.

The day is coming, doubt it not,
when the invaders flout
all law, and blood will blot
the name of justice out.

Then shall cruel laws oppress them
who now their past disown;
and blasphemers come to bless Him
whose words forestalled the stone.

The day is coming, past question,
the writing's on the wall -
when journos from spin's bastion
abet the crescent thrall.

Then shall our Judas scribes
scream Shame! at those who balk;
even as they're led away,
First to the headsman's block!

The day is coming, be it known,
as migrants freely roam,
when thought's a no-go zone,
and Freedom wants a home.

Then traitors may collude
against their creed and race,
for future dhimmitude
when all must eastward face.

The day is coming, be forewarned!
when lines are drawn, sides taken;
when old beliefs are mourned,
and new resolves awaken.

Then monsters bred while reason slept,
We will as masters rout,
And who by false words crept
In shall have but one: out!


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