Sunday, 31 January 2016

Lie of the week

Lie: "Germany's Merkel says refugees must return home once war is over."
Truth: She only said that she "expects" they would return, that they "would" (voluntarily?) go home. And, of course, that war is going to be over pretty soon, right?

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Item: Trump calls Brussels a hellhole.
Another shocking, disgusting, and outrageous example of this man's callous disregard for falsehood!

For confirmation of Trump's statement see this and be sure to scan the comments.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Who Let Them In?

Who let them in? 
 "Not I," said the PC politician,
Counting the votes from the latest admission;
"Never will Canada have no-go zones,
I swear to you by the Prophet's bones!"

Who let them in? 
"Not I," said the greedy businessman,
Projecting profits from his five year plan;
"Sure, I figured they'd work for less pay -
But now they're striking for the right to pray!"

Who let them in? 
"Not I," said the priest with his open views,
Blessing the rows of empty pews;
"Who was I to leave orphans in the lurch? 
Now there's a mosque in Holy Mother church!"

Who let them in? 
"Not I," said the mainstream journo
Running away from the urban inferno;
"Sure we know the power of the written word,
But what is that to a fanatic's sword?"

Who let them in? 
"Not I," said the careerist queen,
With a little white dog and a plasma screen;
"Kids! Are you kidding? It's cool to be sterile,
Don't tell me I was breeding up peril!"

Who let them in?
"Not us," said all the good dhimmis
Sitting at home with their TV and Timmies;
"Of course we didn't like it, but we were so busy; 
Now, can you tell us where to pay the Jizya?"

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Illiberal limericks 8

Now there was a young PM named Justin,
Whom the country had just put its trust in,
When he made a mad vow
To let in 25 thou
"Refugees," it was frankly disgustin!

The whole country then rose up in arms,

In response to jihadi alarms;
The plan re-examined:
Just mom and Muhammad,
So let tomorrow inherit the harms!

At notorious reports of FGM,
He felt compelled to completely condemn -
Not the custom or cleric,
But the term "barbaric,"
And the tide of intelligence stem!

On the alliance he turned his back,
While immigrants got the fast track;
Thus compassion was spouted,
As reason was flouted,
Getting it backwards was ever his knack!

Deciding their digs would the Syrians suit,
He gave every soldier the boot;
So with a curse and a frown,
The army stood down,
As it gave him the Trudeau salute!

Though he battled conservative baddies,
With an ardour to rival his daddy's,
To rule over the dupes,
He ordered new troops,
And christened them Justin's Jihadis.

Though gender's election didn't fit
 The agenda of every true Grit,
 At cabinet's roll 
PC took its toll:
Half men, half women, half-wit!

Minorities also obtained,
Portfolios where fairness was feigned;
So your chances were slight,
If your skin was white,
Where race o'er ability reigned.

Now from his father he got his acclaim,
And from Justice his moniker came;
But if he'd be true,
His choices are two:
 Changing his nature or changing his name!

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Mad Mama Merkel: illiberal limericks 7

Now there was a mad mama named Merkel,  
Who thought Semites in camps might just work well;
Now one million later,
She's a dhimmi dictator,
As Germany's shame comes full circle!

One day while some pics she did browse, 
She felt motherly instincts arouse,
Said she to the blitz,
Come suckle my tits;
Said they, Nein, for haram are all sows!
Helping migrants across troubled waters,
Made her blind to the tears of her daughters;
Her security circus
Left girls without burqas
To the beaters and gropers and frotters.

Many thought that her state was deranged,
 As her family grew more estranged;
Her unthinking largesse
Made so stinking a mess,
The whole country cried out to be changed!

But however their mama might chide,
Many Germans resisted the tide:
Better neo-Nazis
Than Euro-patsies,
If survival meant suicide!

 For big burqas she found herself avid,
And rumour said Mama was gravid:
Oh, what bundles of joy
Her old waters would bouy,
And every one a Muhammad! 

In the end went forth the command
To sing never anthem now banned:
No "Deutschland uber Alles,"
But a lullaby's solace,
Called "Allah's uber Deutschland!"