Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Mad Mama Merkel: illiberal limericks 7

Now there was a mad mama named Merkel,  
Who thought Semites in camps might just work well;
Now one million later,
She's a dhimmi dictator,
As Germany's shame comes full circle!

One day while some pics she did browse, 
She felt motherly instincts arouse,
Said she to the blitz,
Come suckle my tits;
Said they, Nein, for haram are all sows!
Helping migrants across troubled waters,
Made her blind to the tears of her daughters;
Her security circus
Left girls without burqas
To the beaters and gropers and frotters.

Many thought that her state was deranged,
 As her family grew more estranged;
Her unthinking largesse
Made so stinking a mess,
The whole country cried out to be changed!

But however their mama might chide,
Many Germans resisted the tide:
Better neo-Nazis
Than Euro-patsies,
If survival meant suicide!

 For big burqas she found herself avid,
And rumour said Mama was gravid:
Oh, what bundles of joy
Her old waters would bouy,
And every one a Muhammad! 

In the end went forth the command
To sing never anthem now banned:
No "Deutschland uber Alles,"
But a lullaby's solace,
Called "Allah's uber Deutschland!"

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