Sunday, 28 February 2016

Illiberal Limericks 9

Now, maybe you've read of old Samson,
Who was strong as a lion and then some,
Until shorn of his mane,
In the enemy's chain,
He toppled them pillar and transom!

In times modern another great hero,
Rose up who never could fear know;
But with one condition:
He must show no contrition,
Or his destiny soon would be zero.

For pride was the Trump's pride and glory,
And therefore that certain word "sorry"
Must his lexicon banish,
Or the voters would vanish
And that would be end of story.

His fame far and wide was enormous,
And his exploits on the experts still warm us:
Oh, the Fox still Ailes
Since he lit up their tails,
And taught 'em what a real firestorm was!

True, he made some Republicans bristle,
Who said his trumpet was just a dog whistle,
With a pitch so extreme
It caused them to scream:
To their careers it was so prejudicial!

He fought many a treacherous pagan,
Who professed the religion of Reagan;
But of all their spews,
The most damnable ruse,
Was a certain Dalaila called Megyn.

She looked coy and demure and endearing,
But at heart she was haughty and sneering;
Then into her lair
Came the hero with hair,
In his prime and in for a prime-time shearing.

But unlike that Hebrew so eyeless,
Our hero proved never so guileless,
As the Philistines jeered
The lion up-reared
And the blood flowed, including Dalaila's!

Now despite the establishment's fears,
His day of sweet victory nears;
And if they tear out his "ayes,"
Before he'll apologize
He'll pull the temple down obout their ears!

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