Thursday, 11 February 2016

Of Hate Speech and Speech Hate

“In the words of one writer, ‘in the absence of hard guidelines (which is the way the Trudeau government generally likes it, the better to keep the citizenry on its toes), people are left to explore the boundaries of their own bravery.’ ” 

OK, the actual quote refers to Putin, not Trudeau - but if it had been Trudeau, would anyone care? The article is out of the Washington Post, whose concern for free speech was noticeably absent during recent censorship outrages by the Merkel government, which was hailed in the headline for "springing into action" against Germans speaking out against the insane migrant mess: "Donald Trump may be testing the boundaries of tolerance on the U.S. campaign trail. But here in Germany, the government is effectively enforcing civility, taking aim at a surge of hate speech against refugees and Muslims."  Though the WaPo report plays cute with what even consitutes "hate speech," and runs the usual phony cautions about "critics," its tone is decedely supportive of the old witch and her digital witch hunt. Nice touch, too, that smearing inclusion of Trump! The boundaries of tolerance? I always thought he was testing the tolerance of boundaries - bewteen the US and Mexico, that is, and now, too, between America and Islam. To no one's surprise except the Jewish media's, it turns out to be very high indeed. 
       Putin's priorites are obviously at variance with those of WaPo, but let's never for a moment fall for the lie that either has any real regard for personal liberty. It's just that Vlad is so much more honest about his than the WaPo hypocrites.

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