Thursday, 10 March 2016

Beware the Ides of March - AND the March of Ideas

      The right is on the march and come Tuesday one of the epic ideological battles in history will be joined in the voting booths of Florida.
       How fitting that the fate of Donald Trump, and perhaps of his country as well, should be decided next week on one of history's most ominous dates, the ides of March. This time around, it's character assassination that's afoot, though, and the perpetrators are Trump's own party members, who detest him for much the same reason that Julius Caesar's killers hated him - his huge popularity with the plebs, aka the "fearful and frustrated." No daggers and swords, then, but attack ads and smear tactics on a scale unprecedented in a country already notorious for its exorbitant and dirty politics. If Trump pulls the Florida haul of deleagtes away from the establishment's man Rubio, the nomination will be all but assured him. Failing that, he may get outmaneuvered by the backroom pols and see his wins on the ground snatched away behind closed doors. Caesar's murder plunged the state of Rome into fifteen years of civil war. If Trump falls, his party can expect a similar fate when the Don crosses the Rubio-con for a third party run at power.
       The soothsayers, however, say that Trump will prevail. In which case the treacherous party bosses should be prepared to emulate Brutus and fall on their own swords.  

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