Sunday, 27 March 2016

Inventive Journalism - Letter to the Ed

Once again a member of the corporate media has rolled out a predictably distorted diatribe against Trump - ahem! - that’s  Mr. Trump in the New York Times, if you please, where the enemy must always be accorded the most decorous terms of formal address even as he is set up for the worst outrages of drive-by journalism. 
Mr. Cohn pretends to be offering an analysis of regional voter preferences, but his piece is little more than a barely concealed continuous smear against Donald Trump, convicted racist. The journalist takes it for granted that his readers understand exactly what definition of racism is in play here and that it applies unequivocally to the candidate whose support among Blacks and Latinos is perhaps the highest in the history of his party. No quote is offered to support the insinuation that Trump has ever uttered any racist remarks, public or private. No doubt Mr. Cohn, like scores of liberal writers who have preceded him in this collusive vendetta, is tacitly premising his smear upon the candidate's maiden speech of last June.Those remarks have been persistently although vaguely evoked to foster the notion that Mr.Trump said or thinks or believes the absurd generalization that “Mexicans are rapists and murderers.”  In fact, they imply the exact opposite. For if Mexico is "not sending us their best” then by inference many if not most Mexicans at home must be good people, although the candidate even then allows that some of the illegal entries, the object of his concern, may also be in the better category. As for Mr.Trump’s remarks concerning Muslims, similarly routinely twisted past recognition, the writers who cite them as being ethnically motivated rely upon an even more absurd premise, i.e., the invention of an "Islamic race.”
       Ten months of intense media smearing have left Mr. Trump's orange and unvarnished hide by and large free of taint. It’s time for the Times to throw in the towel - or use it to wipe the egg off their own faces.

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