Sunday, 6 March 2016

We’re All Nazis Now

It's a basic law of politics that all parties and movements must move to the center. And after three "reversals" in as many days, and after the revelation of a secret tete-a-tete in the bowels of the enemy, i.e., the New York Times, which, purportedly, saw even the sacred Wall itself up for negotiation, the word is out that Trump is getting ready to abandon his base, betray his followers, and submit to the law of the center like any other mortal. But he's not any other mortal. He's a prophet, right? For who but a prophet could defy all the prophecies of his own destruction?
    The media likes to play fast and loose with the Trump threat. On the one hand they're telling Americans that they can't trust Trump. Everything he says is a lie. But on the other hand Trump excites their fear and loathing because they do take his promises seriously. (It recalls Trump's own contradiction when he claimed that Carson's youthful pathology was incurable and in the same breath  derided it as impossible. Either it never happened or it did happen but is incurable: one or the other, Donald, but not both!) In other words, the media wants it both ways, Trump as a clown and Trump as a madman. A bombast and a Hitler. The consensus, however, seems to be gravitating toward the Hitler side of things. Not surprising, given the ethnic constitutuion of America's media.
        After all, this epithet was fore-ordained the moment Trump declared war on Mexico's illegal emmigrants. "Illegals" is just right-wing-speak for immigrants, period, right? Which in turn is dog whistle for Mexicans, i.e., all Mexicans, all Muslims, and all non-whites. And never mind that the stigma was in the pipe the moment Trump got identified as a "personality" candidate. "Personality" was just code for "cult of personality" which was wink and nudge for "demagogue," and so on through the by-now familiar sequence of racist, bigot, hater and finally, triumphantly, "Hitler." Ironically, most of the sites using the Hitler epithet against Trump, routinely flag and delete any commenters who so much as mention the name. Perhaps they're trying to preserve the epithet in all its pristine stigmatizing power.
     Problem is, although the left is a having a hard time accepting it, "Hitler" just isn't the ultimate term of opprobrium that it once was. Because a funny thing happened on the way to Nietzsche's transvaluation of all values: Hitler himself got transvalued. 
      The liberal exults in the spectacle of men turning into females and vice versa, (although we suspect that feminists can't help deprecating the idea of any woman wanting to join the ranks of such an inferior gender), women's rooms getting invaded by adult males, children scolding their parents, students expelling their teachers, whites bowing to blacks, and the whole world generally getiing turned inside out. My God, even the vampires and zombies are turning into the good guys!
       But lefty hasn't noticed that other shift in values occurring in the shadow of the first: office workers turning into warriors, housewives turning into heroines, racists turning into patriots and history's demons turning into saints.
       The liberals righteously denouncing Trump at WaPo and the NYT reflexively invoke the traditional categories of decency and propriety against him. But it's as though they're using a foreign currency in a different and far-off country. If it's decent to cut the jugular of an abortion-born child  - and the Obamaites seem to believe it is - how then is it indecent to mock the withered arm of someone who might have been very decently aborted as "defective?" There are two competeing currencies in the West these days. One mint of "decency" contains gold, the other does not. One is counterfeit, the other is true. The left wanted to transvalue everything and ended up transvaluing the language out of any common meaning. Transaction denied.
       Back in the day, getting branded a Hitler was a rightist politician's ticket to obvlion. Today, Trump almost seems to relish it. It certainly hasn't hurt him. He's "virulent," we're told. But their "virulence" has lost its own virulence. Trump is immune.
         All is relative, say the relativists. As backgrounds change, so change the features. Hitler looked odious - until Merkel showed up. Trump looked like a clown - until reality showed up.
       Trump doesn't have to move to the center, the center is moving to him. 

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