Sunday, 24 April 2016

His True Colors

Look who's low energy now!
Like a kid taking Ritalin cured,
The New Donald is seen but not heard;
Though life is more calm,
We can't hide the qualm
That a clockwork orange is absurd! 

Flushed with victory?
Though Christians couldn't help but recoil at
His thoughts on abortion, they're loyal yet;
But they'll reach for the Drano
If he follows the rainbow
Straight down a unisex toilet.

Clear all?                               
While journos ask, "Does he or doesn't he?" 
It's his language, not looks, that's so puzzly:
With Cruz crying fraud,
And supporters unawed,
By a plan defined more and more fuzzily.

As chameleons change with the flower,
Trump boasts great adaptational power; 
But he's in for a fall,
If he climbs down from the Wall,
Going from lizard to snake within the hour!

So, as managers make him tone it down,
He'll be swallowing his words for a crown;
But if on his diet he's starts cheating, 
Foes again may be eating
Something soft and disgusting and brown!

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