Sunday, 29 May 2016

This Way to the Egress!

The circus came early to Vancouver this year, but it wasn't the Shriners, who pretend they're Arabs. It was the Conservatives who pretend they're conservatives. 
            First in the big tent was former ringmaster Harper, who broke a six-month silence to say absolutely nothing. The old tax tamer was obviously still convalescing from the mauling he got last October when he took on the Liberal pussycat, Trudeau the terrible. Without his whip he looked a broken man, and thanks to him and his cowardly party, we'll soon be a broken country. 
         Transmania notwithstanding, there were no bearded ladies (unless you counted the macho matrons vying to be the next leader). But a star speaker turned out to be something just as bizarre: a Muslim Tory. After calling out the party bigots who made her "feel that she didn't belong" in the party during the election, she got hugs and penitence all round. Poor freak. No one had the heart -  or the guts - to tell her that anyone who believes that a mass-murdering so-called prophet, who is the inspiration for nine out of nine acts of terrorism in the world, was the "most perfect of men," will not ever belong in the country! 
             On to the high-wire act, where the pseudo-righties walked the tightrope of gay marriage. The crowd grew hushed as the old one-man-one-woman plank was struck from the platform. The old stalwarts had to cover their eyes but the feat was finally accomplished: sods and sodbusters reconciled at last.  
            Next up were the Flying Amenders, acrobats who double as contortionists. Agreed: on just ticketing marijuana possession. Agreed: abortion, short term, late term, is here to stay. Agreed: the safety net must stay but taxes should fall. Agreed: we agree with the Liberals on just about everything. 
            Political correctness has banned most animal acts these days, so the big cats are gone. But the fat cats are everywhere. They run the three-ring circus of all the country's parties and that's why immigration is never on the bill. 300, 000 (mostly Islamic) "new Canadians" coming by year's end thanks to the Pretty Boy Tyrant, and the entire Conservative establishment has nothing to say about it except what they said during their own heyday in the ring: "Immigrants make good Conservative voters." And Conservatives make good Liberal cucks. 
            This is a party in need of a suicide assist. When they lose the next one in '19 after the Liberals import a new electorate, maybe we'll find a Trump to rally the right. Until then, send in the clowns!               

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